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Why couldn’t Thor’s hammer break Captain America’s shield?



» Because is was made of vibranium…which can absorb and reflect any sort of vibration. So it simply absorbed the force of Thor’s blow and blasted it back at him.

I wish not to get over this fixation on all things zelda and awesome.





How attached are you to your bow ties and braces, dear?

Have you gotten into my closet?


That’s the site, these are all awesome but they have dodgy sizes and quality because they were made in Korea :/ A large there is medium most other places.

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Final Fantasy 7

“It’s getting late, Biggs.”

The young soldier turned to his companion and raised an eyebrow, “Oh? I hadn’t noticed.” He looked at the watch on his wrist and then to a clock on a nearby wall. “No wonder,” He slapped a hand to his forehead with a laugh, “My watch is off.”

“You should take care of that before we get shipped out. That sort of thing could be the end of you,” his friend chided him as he rested his hand upon his shoulder, “Or me.”

Amadeus Biggs let out a hearty laugh; standing from his chair, he slapped the other man upon his back, “Relax, Wedge. Time is no problem with me, y’know?”

“You say that now, but it’s only because you’re the only one in the squad who was issued a Time materia.”

Wedge rolled his shoulder, a bit uncomfortable because of his friend’s nonchalance. Even in these times of peace, soldiers were still in danger from all kinds of threats. Monsters, unfortunately, were not the only thing to watch out for, nor were they very high on the list.

“Even so, you know I’ve got your back,” Biggs smiled and led his fellow soldier to the door. Pushing him aside, he laughed once more and raced outside into the busy street.

Even late at night, Nibelheim was teeming with life. Traffic, both mobile and foot, packed the roads and sidewalks. Colorful neon lights filled the skies and lit the ground as though the sun had never set. A merchant at a nearby weapon shop cried out his wares to passersby, boasting the finest in enchanted blades on the continent.

Wedge stumbled out into the crowd, bumping several pedestrians on his way out of the building; “I hate it when you do that!” he called over the din of the street.

“All the more reason to do it, Wedge my boy!”                                                                      

It was an amazing feeling, standing in the streets that never emptied, among the people who never slept. The adrenaline that coursed through Biggs’ veins filled him with a grand excitement and ecstasy.

“Hurry up, Wedge!” Laugher rang out over the noise.

Wedge grumbled and cursed as he pushed through the flow of the crowd, trying to keep up with the other man. Through the throng of people, the only thing he could see of the excitable young man was his bright blue hair.

“Slow down! You know I don’t know where HQ is by heart yet!”

“You’re the one who said we were late; should have brought a map!”

“That’s Lockhart’s department, and you know it!” He had finally managed to catch up, though only because Biggs had decided to stop on a corner close by.

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The Milky Way as a subway map, and other creative derivatives of the London Tube map

Waiting for the train takes forever though…


The Milky Way as a subway map, and other creative derivatives of the London Tube map

Waiting for the train takes forever though…

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